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iOS 12.1 coming October update is on the way, What's inside?

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FaceTime, dual-SIM support, and ‘beautygate’ fix! 

Ahead of its enormous iPad Professional and Mac occasion, Apple fair reported that iOS 12.1 will be discharged tomorrow.
It’s the primary noteworthy overhaul to iOS 12 and incorporates the Bunch FaceTime include that was evacuated from the introductory discharge. Bunch FaceTime permits you to video chat with up to 32 individuals at the same time and bolsters stickers, video channels, and Animoji/Memoji.
The include was held back from iOS 12.0, but clearly it’s presently prepared to go. The video bubble for each individual gets bigger at whatever point they talk on the call.
iOS 12.1 moreover includes dual-SIM bolster for iPhone XS and XR, so you’ll be able to have two lines running on the same phone. One line will utilize your physical SIM card, with the other working through eSIM innovation. (Apple put up a supportive instructional exercise for empowering double SIM usefulness.)

Apple doesn’t specify this in its press discharge, but the company already affirmed to The Skirt that iOS 12.1 ought to settle the “beautygate” issue on the iPhone XS and XR.
Before long after the XS propelled, clients started complaining approximately what they have seen to be skin smoothing in their selfie photographs. Apple has since clarified that it’s really a bug and is happening since the camera chooses the erroneous shot as the essential “smart HDR” frame. Speaking of the camera, iOS 12.1 will permit iPhone XS/XR proprietors to alter the profundity of field/bokeh within the live see of a representation shot — not fair after taking it.
And at last, as normal, Apple is counting a slew of unused emoji within the upgrade. There are over 70 in all, and they incorporate the questionable bagel emoji, furthermore “new characters with ruddy hair, gray hair and wavy hair, a modern emoji for bare individuals, more emotive smiley faces and extra emoji speaking to creatures, sports, and food.” The modern emoji will too come to watchOS and macOS through
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