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Do You Want Your Crocs With a Pair of White Socks?

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There are two sorts of individuals in this world: the individuals who wear the agreeable elastic obstruct that is the Croc without a shred of disgrace, and the individuals who fervently turn up their noses at the prospect.

Whichever side you're on, there's no denying that Crocs are having a minute.

The end is near.

The end is near.
In any case, it's the "Game" Croc from Alife that is the genuine shocker. It includes an appended tube sock which, as Alife notes in the public statement, is "a gesture to the socks and shoes style regularly observed all through huge numbers of New York City's neighborhoods."

Our inquiry: Does one wear socks with these? How do the socks remain clean? Is it accurate to say that we are missing something? On the off chance that you think about none of that, these delights can be yours for just $140.

If it's too expensive for your filty wallet, take these>

If it's too expensive for your filty wallet, take these>
The OG Croc. Which is nearly same as anything. But! Save the trendy streetwear for just $37.99
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