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Best Top Lane Champions In LoL (Leauge of Legends) by Tier List

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Best top lane champions in Leauge of Legends (LoL) META by Tier List (UPDATED EVERY SEASON). We curated them for you.


Riven is one of the best top lane champions of all time in Leauge of Legends history. She get nerfed many times, but still good. 

-Lots of damage


-Fun to play and never gets boring

-Very Mobile

-Exciting skins


There were seasons that he was the best top laner.  Now , it's definete that he is not the best top lane champion for sure. But still more than ok for Leauge of Legends ranked gameplay.

-His weapon is a lamp post.

-Great for all phases of game.

-Very strong at late game

- Can be considered as mobile


Yasuo is actually mid champion, but with his mobility and high damage he can go to top lane as well. Not the best top lane champion in Leauge of Legends. if you are yasuo main and mid is full, top is a good choice too.

-Mainly Mid Laner


-Powerful late game

-Hard to master


Sion is really good tank. He can dominate the best top lane champions in LoL. And while dominating them , he can also help other lanes with his ultimate.


-Can't do much in 1v1s

-Best Skin (Mecha Sion)

-Wide range "R"


Kled is really good at top lane. And he can count as the best top lane champion in Leauge of Legends if oppenent has no tanks/frontliner.


-Highest Base HP in LoL


-Can j-bait oppenents with mini form


Even though he is nerfed many times, he is still one of the best top laners in LoL. If he gets a kill early , you can count him as the best top lane champion in leauge of legends.

-Great Passive

-Amazing Ultimate , resets cooldown with a succesful kill.

-Exceptional Skins

-Snowballs really well

-If you dominated early , easy pentakills at mid and late game


Arguably the best top laner in leauge of legends right now. Difficult to play at the beginning but learning curve is considered easy. 

-Best sustain in leauge of legends

-Super Cool

-The second  best top laner 

-Maybe the third best top laner

-Maybe the best top laner :)


Some players  believe that swain is the best top lane champion in leauge of legends if your oppenent is melee.

-Crazy Sustain


-Tons of AoE damage

-Can go 2v1s


Going in to 5v1 can be very easy if you dominated the early. Thats why she counts as the best top lane champion in leauge of legends for many players.

-Hot as hell




After his re-work Morde is the best top laner for many players. His damage output is insane. If you are a metalhead, you can consider him as your main and the best top lane champion in leauge of legends because you are child of the grave too!

-Insane damage output


-Easy to snowball 

-Great ultimate
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