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Best 5 Music Editing Softwares
A big scale from editing a ring tone for your phone to professional industry work you can use some music/audio editing softwares. 
In our list we will aim the 5 Best music editing softwares together; while some of them are free to use, some of them are quiet professional and full of features.
5 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives
When you want to write documents, prepare tables, make presentations, everyone first comes to mind with Microsoft Office programs. However, people do not want to use Microsoft Office because of the high pricing of Microsoft Office.

Many different applications have been developed that can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Office without monthly or annual payments. In fact, many of these alternative applications can open Word or Excel files created on Microsoft Office without any problems. These applications are used effectively by many people today.

In our list, you can find alternative programs to Microsoft Office that you can use either daily or at work.
What Is Podcasting & How Does it Work?
Video that has been popular in recent years as we browse the internet. But there is one more thing, it is getting more and more attention. It's a podcast. In fact, podcast was not a new type of content, but as an alternative to radio programs in the early 2000s, with the popularization of Apple's iPod portable media player and iTunes music app. However, in recent years, Apple Music has become a favorite content type with the competition of music streaming services such as Spotify.
Quiz: Which Lord of the Rings Character Are You?
The lord of the rings, which is among the most-watched films of the world, has also been among the most sold books. If you have done one of these two, you should definitely solve this quiz and understand which character you are closer to.
Cinema & TV
Most Powerful 19 Pokemons Of All Time
Late 90's was the last golden age of cartoons/anime, in our childhood we were all fans of some show characters in this animation world. 1997 was a game changer and came up with Pokemon on May and a lot of kids all around the world became a huge fan of it.
In the world of Pokemon, there are more than 800 Pokemons. all have individual talents, unique skills and different type of powers.can we find an answer to this:
What is the most powerful pokemons of all time?
5 Best Winrar Alternatives
WinRar, compresses your digital files, reduces their size and archives. Winrar compresses multiple files and makes them smaller as a single file. It makes it easy to transfer files prepared with Winrar by e-mail and to upload files to the Internet environment.

File compression is to convert the file to a smaller size to make it take up less disk space. By compressing files, it is possible to save both time and internet resources and storage space. File compression programs make your job easier when the file space is low or you want to share files on the internet.

We have listed the best WinRAR alternative file compression programs you can use to compress your files.
Cinema & TV
Best 26 Anime of All Time
Anime is a big part of Japanese entertainment culture, which is drown by hands and later animated by computers.
First of all, anime appeared in the beginning of 20th century. During the times of animation styles growing up in Europe.
In Japan, Katsudo Shashin is the first known anime but the creator is still unknown.
Later in early 1930's, anime started to play a bigger role as an alternative of live-actions and reached today's popularity.

It doesn't really matter if you are huge fan of anime like a weebo or an otaku or not really a fan of it, anyway we both heard about animes somehow but, which is the Best anime of all time ? Most viewed ones or some secret gems? To be able to find an answer to this question, we made a list for you to find the top anime series ever made
5 Best Free PDF Readers
PDFs are still one of the most important document types on the Internet. If you want to read your documents or an eBook, your files can be in PDF format. To view these important documents, you must use a PDF reader on your computer.

There are many PDF readers that you can download to your computer and some of them may be paid. We have listed the best free PDF readers for you.

We have created a list of the top 5 PDF readers that can also perform functions such as viewing, creating, editing and securing (encrypting, etc.) PDFs.
Cinema & TV
Best 10 Cartoons of All Time
We all have different tastes about cartoons like everything else but which ones are the best cartoons of all time?
Everybody would name something different trough their taste and experience and probably age.
Let's take a quick look at the Best 30 Cartoons of All Time
5 Best Internet Download Manager Alternatives
Internet Download Manager program is one of the most preferred among file download managers. It allows you to download all multimedia content briefly on images, videos, audio files on any website you like or enter. Although it is paid, it allows you to use the program for 30 days with all its features explicitly.

IDM, which has a very useful user interface, is designed for easy use, making all file management operations very easy for users. It provides a layout for files by saving downloads on different folders by type. You can also make arrangements for different file types and download sources with the advanced settings menu included in the program.

In this article, we have listed the software that can be an alternative to IDM for you. Here are the best Internet Download Manager IDM alternatives on the internet