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Only A Real Anime Fan Can Match These Characters To Their Superpowers
There are too many anime out there. Probably more titles than the three or four Shonen series you grew up with. We hope you did some work to expand your anime knowledge beyond this, otherwise you will leave today with a failed note.

So why not test your love for anime? If you are a true weeaboo, you won't have any trouble guessing the superpowers of these famous anime characters.
Who knows? Perhaps the anime knowledge you have is your own superpower! Let's find out.
Can You Pass The Hardest
What would you do with Death Note? Maybe you use it for justice in the world, maybe you can kill anyone you don't like. There is a good chance that you will findyourself sliding to the dark side. Like many Death Notes, users would do this.

How well do you remember anime and your favorite characters? You will see quiz questions about Light Yagami, L, Misa Amane, Mello and other characters...

Answer each of the 20 Death Note Quiz questions where you will see the correct answer. At the end of the test, you will see the total number of correct test questions.
Japanese People Making Their Own Face Masks! They are Fancy!
Because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Japan is short of face masks. Government issued face masks are too small, so people started making their own face masks. We appreciate the creativity.
Just 1% Of Anime Fans Can Answer These Questions!
Anime has dominated the media since it first met Western audiences. The word anime is not just a name for cartoons from Japan. Anime is a unique art form that appeals to a wide variety of dynamic genres. It has more traditional genres like fantasy, romance and horror, and anime-specific story genres like magic girl tales and mecha. If you are here, you probably love the anime. But how much you love. And more importantly, how well do you know your anime?

Only the most knowledgeable fans can pass this Anime Quiz!
Can You Pass The Ultimate Dragon Ball Z Quiz?
Dragon Ball Z is one of the most beloved anime ever created and continues to collect new fans. He did this by having incredible stories with brilliant characters, and this powerful combination led to constant success. People who start watching this anime usually learn all the stories and heroes very well.

We will see those who can make a quiz that can be done by those who know Dragon Ball Z, one of the greatest animations of all time. Super Saiyan effort will be required for this to happen!
Only A Real Naruto Fan Can Get 100% On This Quiz
For many years, Naruto has become increasingly popular, and not only as a manga, but also as a television series. You can catch manga and cartoons on TV, but Naruto has also appeared in multiple video games, toys for kids, and many more great accessories.

The first seasons we saw Naruto were made in 220 episodes, and the second reached 500 episodes! After that, Naruto's child Boruto's anime series was also made.

We think it won't be a problem for real fans to solve this quiz!
Presidential Election is Coming! Solve This Politics Trivia Test Before Voting!
As you know, presidential elections will take place very soon. It is still uncertain whether Democrats or Republicans will win. But whoever is elected will be the president of America. So let's look at the past presidents of the united states, regardless of the presidential race expected between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Let's see how knowledgeable you are about the names that have been presided up to date and actively involved in the policy.
Most Can’t Get Above 30% On This Movie Quiz, Can YOU?!
Let's test your general knowledge about movies. This movie quiz will challange you and test whether you are a film fanatic or a cinema trivia beginner. Enjoy our general movie quiz trivia.
What is Apple Arcade?
Apple Arcade is a subscription system that plays hundreds of mobile games on Apple devices. It has expanded its library quite a lot since its first day. There are more than 100 games in this system, which has a monthly free trial period.
Coronavirus Test! How Well Do You Know About Corona Virus?
Worried about coronavirus spoken all over the world? Take the quiz and review your preparations. Learn the truth and learn why you shouldn't be afraid of this epidemic!

For the rest of your life, you will surely hear COVID 19 and coronavirus words. The news will continue to scare you about this disease. We all have to be careful and we don't panic. So let's remind you how to protect your own health with dozens of fake news around.
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