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Puff Diddy, The Master of Photoshop!
Sean "Diddy" Combs: performer, maker, TV judge, all-around business visionary, and insignificant Photoshop master.

The man who reliably shows up on the Forbes Celebrity 100 List flexed his most recent interest this week when he shared an amazing snap of rappers Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Nas. The main issue is that those are not by any means the only people that were in the first photograph.
Airport peacock gets an emotional support
Could the adventure of the air terminal peacock show signs of improvement? The huge fledgling additionally has his own particular Instagram.

The "passionate help" peacock was denied access to a flight from Newark Airport on Sunday, in spite of his proprietor getting him his own particular plane ticket. Be that as it may, Dexter the peacock is resolved to get to Los Angeles and he's been posting about his excursion on his Instagram, obviously.

He likes to go on walks through New York.
Photograph of Donald Trump at his work area motivates epic Twitter string of past presidents at work
The White House mechanical press team might want to ask for a mulligan stew on this one.
You've known about the voyaging elf, now I exhibit a voyaging Godzilla puppet. His name is Ryan and we travel all around, getting into a wide range of shenanigans.

I got Ryan as a gift in a comic shop for 8 bucks. I got the thought when it was simpler to take photographs of Ryan before milestones that I went by. At that point I began to build up my photoshop abilities and offer on Instagram.

Every photograph takes around 4 hours to photoshop and no, I don't get paid. It's just for the sake of entertainment. Appreciate!
The Walking Dead will return for Season 9
Scott M. Gimple is out (sort of), Angela Kang is in.

The Walking Dead will return for a ninth season with Kang, a writer on the show since Season 2, occupying the showrunner's seat. She's the series first female showrunner, following Gimple, Glen Mazzara, and Frank Darabont.
Kazuyoshi Miura: Japanese striker signs new deal at age 50!
Striker Kazuyoshi Miura, who turns 51 next month, has signed a new contract with Japanese second division club Yokohama FC.
Ok, I Found Myself A New Home
Disregard whatever popular, plant-based sustenance design you've focused on for 2018 and observe this delightful disclosure: a 2,000-piece sack of chocolate.
Wireless Charging Is About To Become Your Favorite
Ever wish you could charge your contraptions remotely — and we mean really remotely, not by putting them on a charging surface?

That day may come soon, as the Federal Communications Commission has as of late endorsed the first-historically speaking "power-at-a-remove" remote charger.
What would
Artist Teo Zirinis illustrating things and say "If they could talk, what happens?"
Audiobooks might be a thing in the future
A glimmer of a phantasm of a theory that Google Sport will soon be offering audiobooks has the bibliophiles of the cyberspace buzzing.
Peter Dinklage is out in Utah to rep his new flick I Think We're Alone Now at the annual Sundance Celluloid Festival and — of course — he's fielding questions about Secret plan of Thrones.
Epic Toy Design Fails!
We've seen our offer of crappy outline, yet store racks are so bounteous with them, there's constantly more to jab fun at. For instance, toys. They're generally planned and made by grown-ups, so you'd expect a lot of thought before assembling them, isn't that so? Indeed, not really.
A New Plastic Surgeon Rises
January is moving along and many individuals are searching for some crisp leisure activities. Have you considered cutting the goes head to head of dolls, at that point transplanting them onto different dolls?